Brighten Your Smile
By Greene Dental Group
March 27, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Many cosmetic dentistry patients work with their dentists to undergo extensive procedures which completely change the look of their teeth whiteningsmiles. However, there is a faster, easier, and less invasive way to give your smile a makeover in just a single dental appointment. Teeth whitening provides quick and dramatic results with minimal effort. Learn more about teeth whitening with Dr. Jonathan Greene at Greene Dental Group in Norwich, CT.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening? 
Patients wishing to take advantage of teeth whitening should be in good dental health with no signs of tooth decay or gum disease. Your dentist will need to resolve these problems before administering a teeth whitening treatment. Additionally, patients should have realistic expectations for their results. Though whitening treatments will provide noticeable results, they are not permanent. Patients should understand that their teeth will require touch-up appointments every six months to a year to maintain their results. Additionally, patients should alert their dentist to any sensitivity issues so their dentist can adjust their treatment accordingly.

Teeth Whitening and Your Smile 
Teeth whitening treatments are purely cosmetic and do not improve the functionality of your smile like other dental procedures. However, the boost to your confidence and self-esteem from having a smile you feel proud of can leave you feeling a renewed sense of self and loving the way you look. Additionally, teeth whitening requires you to repair any existing issues. This is best achieved at a bi-annual dental examination and cleaning, which keeps your teeth healthy and clean. Be sure to ask about how to get free teeth whitening for life.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments in Norwich, CT
If you think you could benefit from a teeth whitening treatment, you should consult with your dentist. You can also combine teeth whitening with other cosmetic or restorative dental procedures like a dental bridge or implant to fill in the gaps in your smile or dental contouring to even out the appearance of your teeth themselves. Talk with your dentist to determine the best treatments for you and your smile.

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