Classic Warning Signs that You Need a Root Canal
By Greene Dental Group
April 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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It’s important to listen to what your teeth and gums are trying to tell you.root canal

Every once in a while our mouths let us know that they aren’t happy. Maybe it’s just a hunch that has you worried that something is amiss or you are dealing with pain. Whatever the case might be, our Norwich, CT, family dentist, Dr. Jonathan Greene, is here to help. Do you how when it might be time to schedule an emergency dental visit with us?

  • A toothache
  • Sudden or lingering tooth sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Tooth darkening
  • Sensitive, swollen, and/or red gums
  • The development of an abscess (a pus-like bump) on the gums

Any of these symptoms warrant an immediate trip to see our Norwich dentist. Do not just ignore these problems hoping they will go away (this will just make the issue worse). While dental pain or tooth sensitivity doesn’t necessarily mean you will need root canal therapy, it’s a major indicator that something is wrong with the tooth and that it requires immediate treatment.

Why is a root canal performed?

It’s important to understand why someone would need a root canal in the first place. A root canal isn’t an elective procedure, meaning that you can’t choose whether or not to get root canal therapy if you need it. Of course, you can decide not to, but you’ll lose the tooth and risk bone loss and damage to neighboring teeth. Sometimes decay, an infection or trauma to the tooth ends up infecting the dental pulp, a structure that lies inside the tooth.

Once the pulp has been affected it will need to be removed. Fortunately, the pulp isn’t necessary for the tooth to thrive. Once the pulp has been removed and the inside of the tooth has been disinfected we will place a special material inside the tooth to rebuild it and then place a dental crown over the tooth to provide additional protection.

Greene Dental Group in Norwich, CT, is dedicated to providing its patients with the very best dental care possible. Whether you just need to schedule a cleaning, want to talk about cosmetic options to improve your smile or you are dealing with a dental emergency, we are here to help.