Crowns Get Your Damaged Teeth Back on Track
By Greene Dental Group
October 08, 2018
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Crowns Get Your Damaged Teeth Back on Track

If your smile has been weakened by severe decay, broken teeth, fracture from trauma, or any other causes, dental crowns can restrengthen your smile and rejuvenate its beauty. Crowns protect your teeth from future stress and pressure, helping you retain vital tooth structure for both medical and aesthetic gain. If you are interested in getting a dental crown, Dr. Jonathan E. Greene of Greene Dental Group in Norwich, Connecticut is an expert in the field and would love to meet with you to discuss your options. Read below for more information on the topic!

What is a Crown?

Crowns cover the entire surface of your tooth above the gum line with a strong protective shield. They guard your teeth when biting and chewing by evenly distributing the pressure of eating, thereby protecting your tooth from breaking. Large fillings don’t provide this protection because they divide your teeth into separate sections, which can weaken them overall. With undistributed pressure, a tooth can fracture, taking part of the filling and the tooth away. A crown is much stronger than a filling overall.

What if my Tooth is damaged?

If your teeth are missing a large amount of tooth structure, don’t worry because Dr. Greene can place a post in your tooth and create a metal framework around the post to hold the crown in place.

How Will the Crown Look?

When you choose dental crowns, you are protecting your teeth and the future of your smile. Thanks to modern dental crown materials like porcelain, you can make your smile beautiful too! Porcelain has light-reflective qualities that mimic natural tooth enamel, so a porcelain crown will look beautifully natural. Porcelain also resists staining, so your porcelain crowns will stay beautiful for years.

Additionally, there are other crown materials to choose from including gold, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. Of course, Dr. Greene will also be available to help you decide which option will be best for you.

How Can I Reach You?

To find out more about dental crowns and additional restorative, cosmetic, and preventive dental services, call Greene Dental Group's Norwich office at (860) 889-8427. Get your damaged teeth back on track with dental crowns by calling today!