How Whitening Can Help Your Smile
By Greene Dental Group
July 11, 2019
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There are countless television ads for teeth whitening products like whitening strips and toothpastes that you've probably seen. You might have even used some of these products. Though there are many over-the-counter options for whitening your teeth, there are also professional options available through your dentist to safely and effectively whiten. In the Norwich, CT, area, Dr. Jonathan Greene can be your local expert for professional teeth whitening to brighten your smile.

Why whiten?

Teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after dental procedures. Everyone will experience some level of tooth discoloration during their lifetime from daily eating and drinking. Smoking causes additional staining, and things like coffee and red wine are often the culprits for yellowed teeth. The most common reasons why people whiten their teeth are:

  • Boosting confidence in your smile
  • Prepping for a special event like a wedding or reunion
  • Improving your first impression for a job interview or other event

Teeth whitening options

Over-the-counter whiteners mentioned above are available at your local drug store, but your dentist might have the safest, most reliable teeth whitening options for you.

The type of whitening process that will work best depends on the type of staining on your teeth. If your teeth have yellowed over the years from normal wear and tear, a bleaching process will have an impact. If you have grayish or brownish stains, they will likely not respond to a bleaching treatment.

Your dentist can provide various methods of whitening, including:

  • Take-home whitening kits
  • In-office whitening treatment
  • Porcelain veneers

Whitening treatments directly from the dentist are the safest and longest lasting options out there. To determine whether a take-home whitening kit or in-office treatment will better suit your teeth whitening needs, talk to your dentist in Norwich, CT, at your next appointment.

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