One Dentist for Your Whole Family
By Greene Dental Group
February 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: family dentistry  

Does your family visit several dentists? Making the switch to a family dentist can save you time and improve the continuity of care your family dentistrychildren receive. Dr. Jonathan Greene, your Norwich, CT, family dentist, discusses the advantages of choosing the same dentist for the entire family.

Convenience at your Norwich Dentist

Family dentists can schedule back-to-back appointments on the same day for all of your family members. You'll no longer have to make time in your work schedule for multiple visits to each member's dentist and can cross checkups off your to-do list in just one day. Plus, when the entire family visits the dentist together, you'll set an excellent example for your children.

Excellent Care

Family dentists treat every member of the family, no matter how young or old. They have considerable experience diagnosing and treating dental problems that are common at every stage of your life. Whether you're concerned about a developmental issue with your child or are suffering from gum disease, your family dentist offers skilled, compassionate care.

Continuity of Care

There's no need to choose one dentist for your children and another for the adults in your family when family dentists are skilled at diagnosing treating childhood dental issues. In fact, seeing one dentist from early childhood through adulthood offers several benefits, including:

  • No Care Gaps: Visiting a family dentist means that your child won't have to search for a new dentist when she or he approaches adulthood. Gaps in care can occur if your son or daughter has difficulty finding a dentist or doesn't make the search a priority. When your child is already an established patient at a family dental practice, continuing to receive care is as simple as picking up the phone to make an appointment.
  • Strong Relationship: Your children may be more likely to make dental care a priority throughout their lives when they've established a strong, trusting relationship with a dentist.

Isn't it about time you made the switch to a family dentist? Call Dr. Greene, your Norwich, CT, family dentist at (860) 889-8427 to schedule an appointment.