The Benefits of a Family Dentist
By Greene Dental Group
December 24, 2018
Category: Family Dentistry
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How your family dentist in Norwich, Connecticut can keep your family’s smiles healthy

When you have a family, your dental care needs change. Now you have to think about pediatric dental services for your children, and cosmetic and restorative needs for yourself and your spouse. You may even be thinking about the dental needs of your aging parents. Wouldn’t it be nice if one dentist could do it all?

Well, one dentist can do it all when you see a family dentist. Dr. Jonathan Greene at Greene Dental Group in Norwich, Connecticut can help take care of your family’s dental needs. He can take care of preventive treatments like dental sealants for your children. He can also treat your smile when you need dental fillings or you want cosmetic bonding or veneer treatment. Your family dentist can also help with your aging parents by treating periodontal or gum disease, or tooth replacement options like partials or dental implants.

You want to simplify your life, and having a family dentist can help. Instead of shopping around for different dentists who specialize, you can go to one dentist that you know and trust, your family dentist. You can go to an office you are familiar with. This is especially important if you have a dental emergency. You know where to go to get access to dental care right when you need it.

Having a family dentist can save you time because multiple members of your family may be seen on the same day. You won’t have to take time off of work for multiple appointments. Your family dentist can help you plan necessary dental treatment for your family so it is kind to your budget. Regular dental appointments will help you and your dentist treat small dental issues before they can become larger, more expensive problems. Your family dentist can help save you money in the long run.

You and your family deserve the best dental care. You deserve the convenience and great treatment your family dentist can provide. For more information about family dentistry, call Dr. Jonathan Greene at Greene Dental Group in Norwich, Connecticut today!