The Benefits of Laser Dentistry
By Greene Dental Group
February 13, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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LASER instruments have been around for decades, but did you know that Greene Dental Group now offers LASER dentistry treatments inlaser dentistry Norwich, CT? It's true. Dr. Jonathan Greene and his team deliver precise, comfortable, and quick restorative services using a highly focused beam of light instead of, or to augment, the dental drill or other instruments. Your preparation for a filling or your difficulty with sleep apnea could be treated with the most modern dental instruments, and in the capable hands of Dr. Greene, you know you'll get great results.

LASER dentistry in Norwich

Dr. Greene uses the LASER to safely remove or sculpt oral tissues. Common restorative procedures which benefit from the minimal bleeding, comfort, precision, and speed of a LASER are:

  • Filling preparation (LASER restoration requires less enamel reduction)
  • Sleep apnea (to stimulate collagen, tighten muscles at the back of the throat, remove excess soft tissue and eliminate snoring)
  • Cold sore relief
  • Root canal therapy (to remove diseased interior pulp without the typical metal files and to remove infection)
  • Periodontal therapy (to debride and disinfect diseased gum tissue without cutting or sutures)

Many of these procedures may be performed without locally injected anesthetic when the doctor performs LASER dentistry.

Although LASER dentistry is very safe and highly effective, the Academy of General Dentistry says that your dentist should have accredited training and experience in the use of this high-tech instrument, and of course, Dr. Greene does. Additionally, if you need this kind of procedure at Greene Dental Group, you'll be asked to wear specialized light-blocking glasses to shield your eyes while Dr. Greene and his team do their work.

Additional applications

Dentists also use LASERs for cosmetic crown lengthening treatments to expose more tooth surface, eliminating what many people call the "gummy smile." Also, sometimes dentists need to remove gum tissue to properly place a dental crown, and the handheld LASER is perfect for that, too.

Finally, for the adolescent struggling with an impacted wisdom tooth, the dentist may use LASER dentistry to remove the extra bone or gum tissue which is interfering with the tooth's eruption.

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At Greene Dental Group, the professional staff always is looking for ways to deliver the gentlest, most accurate, and least invasive treatments possible. LASER instruments help them to do just that.

If you have questions about these modern marvels or have an upcoming procedure that may benefit from LASER dentistry in Norwich, CT, feel free to contact Dr. Greene and his team with your questions. Call (860) 889-8427.