The Importance of Dental Cleanings
By Greene Dental Group
April 25, 2019
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Every beautiful, healthy smile begins with regular trips to the dentist for preventive care. Even with a good oral hygiene routine, regular family-dentistrydental check ups and cleanings are necessary to pick up where brushing and flossing leave off, and to help catch problems like tooth decay and gum disease before they can cause real damage, from cavities to gingivitis and even tooth loss. Dr. Jonathan Greene, a family dentist in Norwich, CT, recommends that children and adults follow the American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines and schedule an appointment for a check up and cleaning every six months for optimal oral health and preventive care.

Family Dentistry in Norwich, CT

Professional dental cleanings are the first line of defense against preventable oral health problems like cavities and periodontal (gum) disease. Even a good oral hygiene routine at home, which includes brushing after meals, flossing once a day, eating a healthy diet, avoiding tobacco and drinking alcohol in moderation, dental cleanings are necessary to clean the areas that a toothbrush and floss can't reach. Think of it as a "deep clean" for your teeth and gums.

Dental cleanings are especially important if some time has passed since your last dental appointment. When bacteria from the food and drinks we consume accumulate between the teeth and the gums, it solidifies into plaque and tartar.

Since tooth decay is progressive (it gets worse over time), skipping even one or two dental cleanings can mean the difference between a cavity or early stage gum disease. Preventive dentistry can save you time, money, and more invasive dental treatments in the future to correct decay or even tooth loss in late stage gum disease (periodontitis).

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